Let’s try to turn on ! juice faucet in Japan!

What on earth comes out from water tap?!

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Hello, everyone !

Have you ever experienced “juice faucet”? Many people may say,”No”.

From a faucet, it is quite natural that water comes out .

We introduce you some “juice faucet” in Japan this time. Let’s check !

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1.Pom juice faucet in Matsuyama Airport

Refer to this site: http://ehimepref.exblog.jp/14728374


Do you know “Pom juice faucet”? Ehime is famous for mandarin orange. There is an urban legend that people living in Ehime have a faucet in their house which Pom juice comes out. You can try Pom juice faucet at Matsuyama airport on every 3rd Sunday !


[address] Matsuyama Airport 2F Departure lobby, 2731 Minamiyoshidamachi, Matsuyama, Ehime

[access] 15 minutes from JR Matsuyama station by car

[open time] 10:00~14:00 the 3rd Sunday every month

[admission fee] free

[URL] http://www.matsuyama-airport.co.jp/pdf/info/jaguchi.pdf


2.Apple juice faucet (Aomori)

Refer to this site: http://winepressjapan.com/?attachment_id=4180


There is a space named “Jawamegu Hiroba(square)” where you can experience the festival mood inside “Hoshino Resort Aomoriya”. In 2015, “Jawamegu Ringo(apple) Hotate festival” was held, and the cute apple tree having a Ringo juice faucet was set up. Apple juice quantity is limited, so in the evening, the board saying “Already closed today” turns up. The apple juice faucet was for a limited time in 2015. May it comes again some day !


[address] Main building 1F Jawamegu Hiroba(square), 56 aza Furumagiyama ,Misawa, Aomori

[access] free shuttle bus runs from Tohoku Shinkansen Shin-Aomori station

[URL] http://noresoreaomoriya.jp/


3.Tomate juice faucet (Aichi)

Refer to this site: http://www.kagome.co.jp/company/news/2014/10/002085.html


Tokai city, Aichi has enacted the ordinance that promoting health by tomato. In Tokai city, there is the Kagome co,ltd, Japanese representative tomato company. Tokai city holds an event of tomato juice faucet corporating with Kagome co,ltd. It appears all parts of Tokai city. They provide 1010 glasses of tomato juice for free every time ! How fantastic!


[address] Tokai city, Aichi

[TEL] 052-689-1600

[admission fee] free

[URL] http://www.city.tokai.aichi.jp/13983.htm

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4.Citrus tamurana(Hyuganatsu) juice faucet

Refer to this site: http://visit.miyazaki.jp/?p=20679


Ehime is famous for POM juice, and Miyazaki is famous for Citrus tamurana (Hyuganatsu). When “The Haru no Umaimono market”was held at Miyazaki Airport in April, 2015, Citrus tamurana(Hyuganatsu) juice faucet appeared. Many people standed in line. It was for a limited time 2015, we hope it will appear again so much !


[address] Miyazaki Airport, Miyazaki

[URL] https://www.kajyu.co.jp/


5.Chocolate faucet ?!

Refer to this site: http://www.j-cast.com/trend/2015/01/28226330.html


In Huis Ten Bosch(Sasebo,Nagasaki), “The house of Count Chocola”opened in November,2014 inside Attraction Town. It is full of chocolate ! If you buy cacao ticket ,you can try “chocolate faucet” there, even if it isn’t in the Valentine season,. How nice !


[address] Attraction Town, 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo, Nagasaki

[open time] 9:00~21:00 (Friday and Saturday)9:00~22:00

[URL] http://www.huistenbosch.co.jp/event/chocolatearl/


6.Udon soup faucet (Kagawa)

Refer to this site: http://ameblo.jp/riekojpacker/entry-11169442750.html


Kagawa is famous for Sanuki Udon. When you visit Kagawa, maybe you won’t miss Sanuki Udon . But it is surprising that there is a “Udon soup faucet” at Takamatsu Airport,Kagawa. So unique to Kagawa !


[address] Airport building 2F Sora no Eki Kagawa, 1312-7 Kounancho oka, Takamatsu,Kagawa

[open time] 9:00~18:30 (if Udon soup has been out,it will be closed)

[URL] http://www.shikoku-np.co.jp/udon/soup_tap/



Refer to this site:http://iris.ti-da.net/e3156125.html


There are various kinds of faucet that such delicious beverage comes out, it is so dreamful and we feel like our dream have come true.

These events are not all permanent ones, so if you would like to visit these event, please check the information previously. Enjoy various activities !

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