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Can you believe that there are many faucets which juice comes out of on all over the world?

 2016/06/25 Travel in Japan   83 Views

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sota-k/4004279695/sizes/l

Here’s a question; what would you get to turn on the faucet? Basically answer is ‘water’, but the existence of faucet which serves juice is left and right in Japan!

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Do you know the faucet serving ‘Pon Juice’ in Ehime?

Source: http://www.himegin.co.jp/88/hachi-henrotopics.php?p_key=hRjkyT

Some Japanese believe that every house has Pon Juice’s faucet in Ehime. Actually it is a kind of myth. However, it’s realistic that the faucet of ‘Pon Juice’ is in Matsuyama Airport, Ehime. On every third Sunday, the public calls ‘the Day of Pon Juice’, it is installed there. You can try it!


  • name: The faucet of Pon Juice
  • Address: Departure Lobby in Matsuyama Airport, 2731, Minami Yoshida-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime
  • Access: 15 minutes from Matsuyama Sta.
  • Open: 10.00~14.00 on every third Sunday
  • Tel: 0899231511
  • Price: Free
  • URL: http://www.matsuyama-airport.co.jp/pdf/info/jaguchi.pdf

There are still a lot of interesting faucets in the whole country

The faucets which juice comes out, except water, are in not only Ehime. You can various beverages to turn on the faucet in other areas.


Apple juice from the faucet

Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/tasty_tasty/archives/65795993.html

There’s ‘Jawamegu Square’ in ‘Hoshino Resort Aomoriya’ located in Misawa City, Aomori. Apple tree which has the faucet of apple juice was set there in 2015.

It’s unluckily limited, so that the sign saying ‘Running out today’ is hanged on tree in the evening. Unfortunately this faucet has already removed, a number of people want it to appear again.


  • name: The faucet of apple juice in Hoshino Resort Aomoriya
  • Address: Jawamegu Square, 56, Furumakiyama, Misawa City, Aomori
  • Access: Free shuttle bus from Aomori Sta.
  • Tel: 0570073022
  • URL: http://noresoreaomoriya.jp/
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Tomato Juice from faucet

Source: http://yukarin.sakura.ne.jp/archives/2014/10/19-20569.php

In Tokai City, Aichi, the city regulation that ‘the health promotion with Tomato’ is established. This faucet which is cooperated by Kagome corp. is located anywhere in Tokai city. It serves 1010 cups of tomato juice in every event.



The faucet providing with Hyuganatsu Juice

Source: http://visit.miyazaki.jp/?p=20679

The beverage of Hyuganatdu in Miyazaki is as famous as Ehime’s Pon Juice. In April 2015, this faucet was set in Miyazaki Airport where the spring special event held. Apparently it was well attended, but it also already removed.



Unbelievably, other liquids come out of faucets

There are eccentric faucets serving other liquids, not only juice and water. You surely have interests these faucets after reading it.


What a astonishing faucet chocolate comes out!


Source: http://twitter.com/cioccolate_nyan/status/696540825845542912/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

The advent of the chocolate faucet was in ‘Mt. Isetan Chocolaterie by KLOKA’ as a Valentine Event in Isetan Shinjuku.

This event gave visitors the experience to mine chocolate using secret pump like mining minerals. Unfortunately it was a special event for Valentine, so that you have to wait until next event.



The faucet of tea

Source: https://www.city.shimada.shizuoka.jp/shisetsu_k/kyuuchaki.html

All primary and junior high schools in Shimada City, Shizuoka have the faucet serving tea to be in close contact with a local product of this city since school years. Every pupil can drink iced tea which is adjusted  mechanically regardless of the temperature



Udon soup from the faucet

Source: http://www.shimahide.com/archives/870

Inside Takamatsu Airport, Kagawa, there’s the faucet serving udon soup. It’s unfortunate that this service will end as soon as stock has run out, so that you’d better go there early! But don’t forget that it is just for tasting, not eating udon there.


  • name: The faucet of udon soup
  • Address: Takamatsu Airport Building 2F, 1312-7, Oka, Konan-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
  • Access: 15 minutes from Takamatsu-nishi IC
  • Open: 9.00~18.30
  • Tel: 0878358113
  • Price: Free
  • URL: http://www.shikoku-np.co.jp/udon/soup_tap/

You can get a variety of something to drink from faucets

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kaidominato/6393864531/

When I was a child, I imagined a faucet serving strawberry milk for unlimited because of my fancy. These faucets may be fascinating to such children’s fantasy, but faucets are not unlimited. It’s hard to realize such dreams which faucet serve beverages as much as they want.


There is another uncommon faucet in the rest of world

Not only Japanese, foreigners also imagine such faucets which liquid comes out, except water. In fact, there are some amazing faucets in the world wide.


Soda water you turn on the faucet

Source:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jardin_de_Reuilly_Entrance_on_Avenue_Daumesnil_La_P%C3%A9tillante.jpg

The faucet which serves iced soda water for free has been established in Jardin de Reuilly, France. The Bureau of Waterworks, Eaux de Paris, produces soda water, even summer you can reach iced soda.


  • Name: The faucet of soda water
  • Address: Jardin de Reuilly, Rue Albinoni, 75012 Paris, France
  • Access: 3 minutes from Montgallet Sta.
  • URL: https://aha-post.com/archives/958

How is it?

Unexpectedly, there’re many kind of beverages from faucets! Especially in Japan, you must confirm the schedule of those events before you go because most of them are limited events. Please turn on fascinating faucets once in your entire life!
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