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Breathtaking place in Japan to enjoy even one person

 2016/09/07 Travel in Japan   94 Views

Refer to this site: http://blog.livedoor.jp/key3110kiyoyon/archives/65856714.html

When you feel like acting alone once in a while, don’t you think you’d like to visit a beautiful scenic spot? Today, we’d like to introduce you some breathtaking places in Japan where we want to visit even one person.


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Lake Chuzenji

Refer to this site: http://xn--t8j3b111p8cgqtb958e.jp/post-5833/

Lake Chuzenji is located in Nikko, a very famous sightseeing spot. It was selected as  one of the 100 landscapes of Japan. We can enjoy the season of fresh green in spring, a summering in summer, autumn colors in autumn, a snow scene in winter. There are some ways to round the Lake Chuzenji, sightseeing boats and swan boats, and so on.

Refer to this site: http://blog.livedoor.jp/wassho/archives/52887526.html


【address】2478, Chu-gu-shi, Nikko city, Tochigi

【access】JR Nikko station or Tobu Nikko station → (Tobu bus/45minutes) → Chuzenji onsen → 5mintes walk






Refer to this site: http://jp.zekkeijapan.com/spot/index/338/?language=ja

Maruikesama is a pond that is filled with only spring water. Its diameter is about 20meters and the water depth of 5meters. The color of water is fantastic emerald green. It’s so beautiful that the pond itself has been revered as an object of worship.

Refer to this site: http://tagsecond.com/tag/%E4%B8%B8%E6%B1%A0%E6%A7%98

Maruikesama is the spot off the tourist beat that even the local people don’t know the presence. It is characteristic that the pond changes color exquisitely by the degree of light. So mysterious !


【address】Arakawa, Suguse, Yuzamachi, Akumigun, Yamagata

【access】①JR Sakata station → (JR Uetsu Honsen/12minutes) → JR Yuza station → (car/10minutes) →Maruikesama

②JR Fukura station → (car/5minutes) → Maruikesama



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Hitachi Seaside Park (Kokuei Hitachi Kaihin Koen)

Refer to this site: http://www.prfj.or.jp/works/park/hitachi.html

Can you see the carpet of blue flowers that spread all over ? It’s nemophila(baby blue eyes) that blooms from late April to mid-May. About 4.5 million nemophilas are covering 3.5 hectares on Miharashi Hill. Once you visit there, you will feel as if you walked in the air.

Refer to this site:http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kinparoman/e/7e87eed0f36d9a948a0119911795335c

During the term of the nemophila blooming, it is called “nemophila harmony”. You will enjoy the wonderful scenery there.

Refer to this site: http://entermeus.com/34000/

In Hitachi Seaside Park, you can see various kinds of flowers. From October to November is the best season to see kochia. Let’s go see !


【address】605, Mawatarioonuma, Hitachinaka city, Ibaraki

【access】JR Katsuta station east exit → (Ibaraki ko-tsu-bus/25~30minutes) → Kaihin koen nishiguchi




Blue Pond in Biei(Biei Shirogane Aoiike)

Refer to this site:http://activities.his-j.com/images/tour/SPK0421/Tr00100420130501180347143.jpg

This blue pond is located in Biei, near Asahikawa. It is known as one of the mysterious spots. The reason why this pond’s so mysteriously blue is “aluminium” coming from Shirahige-no-taki. This is an artificial pond, but it happened to become such a beautiful color.

Refer to this site:https://www.tripadvisor.jp/Attraction_Review-g1120350-d1815328-Reviews-Blue_pond-Biei_cho_Kamikawa_gun_Hokkaido.html

The best season to see Blue Pond in Biei is from mid-May to late June. We recommend you to go there in the early morning.


【address】Shirogane, Bieicho, Kamikawagun, Hokkaido

【access】JR Biei station → (Dohoku bus no.39/20minutes) → Shirogane Aoiike iriguchi





Refer to this site: http://joy-trip.jp/35026

Goshikinuma is located in the north of Aizu Bandaisan in Fukushima. This area has been designated as Bandai Asahi National Park. This lake seems to have been made by the eruption of Mt.Bandai in 1888, and its vivid color is due to the influence of the  environment and water quality of Mt.Bandai.

Refer to this site: https://retrip.jp/articles/55254/

Goshikinuma consists of some swamps, Bishamon Swamp, Aka Swamp, Midoro Swamp, Benten Swamp, Ruri Swamp, Ao Swamp, Yanagi Swamp. In Bishamon Swamp, you will find a carp with a red heart mark. It is well known as a sign of good luck.


【address】1093, Hibara aza Kengamine, Kita-shiobaramura, Yamagun, Fukushima

【access】JR Inawashiro station → (Bandai To-to bus/30minutes) → Goshikinuma iriguchi





Refer to this site: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/imako9228takashima/2671510.html

In the world, there are so many superb view spots to see. These are also the places to see before we die , I think. When you visit Japan, we recommend you to drop in at these places.

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