Thank you for coming my blog.


My name is Daisuke Akagawa.

I am Japanese and live in Japan.


I am a seller on ebay. Now, I managed 3 ebay stores.


There are the stores.


And I also doing Personal Shopper. If you want to buy Japanese items, I will buy it and send you.

It is ok to do business together. Now, I do business with many countries buyer.


If you want to contact to me, please send me a mail.

You can contact from this page.


Contact me.


About Us

Since 2012 we have been available to online customers, offering a variety of brand new products at great prices. All of our products ship directly from our different warehouses across Japan. You get your items quickly and in perfect condition. We know how important it is for you to get what you ordered and get it fast.

Our products are a 100% authentic and brand new. I am Japanese and live in Japan. In Japan, it is very strict to sell fake items. So there are only selling 100% authentic items!! We work with the biggest suppliers of high quality products to bring you only the best items. It is very important to us that we put our customers first and you will see this reflected in every transaction with us. We consider it a top priority that our customers are happy and in the rare event that they are not, we do everything we can to fix the situation.

No customer will walk away from our store unhappy. If there’s a problem, just let us know and we fix it.
We guarantee you only the best experience when shopping with us!


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