Easy Way To Make Decollation Cookies for Valentines Day

What is your plan for your Valentines Day? Are you going to bake something? Making chocolate is popular for Japanese people, but it is not fun. Would you like to show your feeling to your love one by making your own decollation cookies on valentines this year?

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What is Decollation Cookies?

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Decollation cookie is one of the decollation arts that decollate cookies with chocolate and icing. It sounds little professional when you hear “art”, but it is not. You just need to put some words or designs you like on cookies! Making decollation cookies in a general way is puts icings on cookies using spatulas, and then writes some worlds and designs with cornet. You could add some chocolate chips for decollation as well.


It is ok to use cookies from supermarket. However, it is better to bake your original cookies to be more creative and show off your originality, like marble and colorful cookies.


The Easiest Way to Make Icing!

What do we need the most to make decollation cookies is Icing.

Icing is made from sugar and egg white. Mix them till it turns to paste.

There are some ways to make icing but this is the regular way. Some recipes add some butter and lemon juice into it. You could put dried meringue powder or starch syrup instead of egg white.

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The basic and easiest way to make icing is put sugar and egg white in a bowl, mix them with whisk, and add some water, as you needed.


The most important thing you should aware of is firmness of the icing paste. You cannot handle it if it’s too hard or too soft.


1 sugar powder 100g / egg white 20g / water (a little bit)

2 put icing color and mix them (put water if it needed)

3 put lemon juice

4 put them into the cornet

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How to Make Cute Decollation Cookies

Hart shaped cookie with pink and red decollation and message is the best for Valentines Day!

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Decollation Cookies and chocolate collaboration.

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It looks gorgeous! Choose your favorite wrapping and a layout.

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Create your own original decollation cookies!!

This is too cute to eat!


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