Not only hot spring! Enjoy eating in Arima hot spring(有馬温泉)!


Arima hot spring (有馬温泉) is a representative hot spring area with nostalgic old Japanese views in Hyogo prefecture, which has an easy access from Osaka, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kansai area.
In every season, a lot of tourists visit there, not only because of the easy access from Osaka, and the good quality of hot spring.
There is another reason: Arima hot spring has various tasty foods!

Today, I’m gonna tell you must-eat foods in Arima hot spring.


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* Chik-Tak(チックタク)


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It’s a café in an old folk house.
It has several pinballs that we rarely see these days in a city.
It reminds us of good old days in Japan.


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When you are there, try a curry with a variety of spices and herbs, called Arima Yakuzen Curry (有馬薬膳カレー).
Eating this healthy curry after enjoying hot spring, you will be healthier!





* Tsuki-no-za(月の座)


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This is a buffet-style restaurant in a hotel “Gekkoen Yuugetu Sansou (月光園 游月山荘).”
Thus, you can enjoy both hot spring and good foods in this hotel!


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Of course, foods in a normal course are delicious and it’s enough to allay your fatigue.
However, if you want much more, you can choose luxury courses, such as, a course with Kobe beef, one of the most reputed been in Japan.
If you visit Gekkoen for celebrating someone’s birthday or anniversary, it’s nice of you to try a bit expensive course.



* Soba Dosanjin Arima-ten(蕎麦 土山人 有馬店)


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The soba restaurant is so famous that some media introduces it in TV programs and on the Internet.
The most popular food is “Sudachi Soba (すだち蕎麦),” a bowl of soba noodle with many pieces of citrus sudachi.


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Tempura is also a popular food at this restaurant.
The Tempura really goes well with tasty soba.
I strongly recommend that you order tempura with salt.
Simple taste of salt maximizes the taste of food itself!



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* Mitsumori Honten(三ツ森 本店)


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Do you feel a bit puckish?
Tansan-senbei (炭酸せんべい), a rice cracker made with carbonate spring is a good solution!
When you come closer to the shop, you may feel hungry because of the fragrant flavor!


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Not only a race cracker but also a manju (饅頭), steamed bread is a good choice to eat when you feel hungry a little bit.
A hot and fresh manju will satisfies your stomach and heart!




* Pandobou(パンド坊)


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Bread served in the shop Pandobou(パンド坊) is unique because sansho(山椒), Japanese pepper is used.
At the moment you put the bread into your mouth, you feel the spicy smell of the pepper.


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The shop has varieties of bread made with black beans.
Walking in Arima town with sweet black-bean bread and spicy bread with Japanese pepper, you will have enough energy to walk around Arima town!



* Takenaka Nikuten(竹中肉店)


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Takenaka Nikuten, a butcher shop which has been in business more than 80 years serves a tasty croquette.
A croquette with a hot and fresh potatoes and beef of high quality couldn’t taste bad!


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A minced meat cutlet is also a popular menu in the shop.
Once you eat it, you will be surprised at the juiciness of meat!




* Sakeichiba(酒市場)


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I think some of you deadly need a bottle of beer after enjoying hot spring.


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The bar is always bustling with people who visit there after taking a bath.
Here you can taste local beer with little acid taste.
The bar also serves good foods which really go well with alcohol.
It must be happy to drink alcohol with tasty foods from daytime!


* Arimaya (ありまや)


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Many tippers in Arima gather this izakaya-bar.
It’s the closest bar from a major hot spring “Kanenoyu (金の湯),” thus soon after you finish taking a bath, you can start drinking and eating.


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The shop has various foods made with fishes, sashimi, tempura, and so on.




* PIZZARIA PORCO(ピッツァリア ポルコ)


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The restaurant serves good Italian foods which aren’t expensive.
For those who can’t drink beer as people who has finished enjoying hot spring, it’s a good choice to have lunch or dinner at the restaurant, because it has a large variety of drink.
Inside the restaurant is fancy, thus it may be ideal for women to have a chat with delicious foods after taking a bath.



How was it?
Let’s enjoy both hot spring and delicious foods in Arima hot spring!


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