Wonderful wise remark from anime PSYHO-PASS


Wise remarks from anime “PSYSHO-PASS”

Introduction: What is anime “PSYSCHO-PASS?”

Anime “PSYCHO-PASS” is  Japanese animation produced by Production I.G(anime studio)

Every emotion, wish, tendency of sociopathic personality disorder are recorded and controlled. Citizens become exited over to spend “good life” as index of them numerically.

People call this numerical model as “PSYCO-PASS”  that judged what human being should do, and personal soul must be model.

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Outline of PSYCHO-PASS

In the 22nd century, justice, and the enforcement of it, has changed. Japan enforces the “Sibyl System” that is an objective mean of determining the threat level of each citizen by examining their mental situation for signs of criminal intent, called ” Psycho-Pass”. Inspectors uphold the law by subjugating, often with lethal force. Everyone harboring the slightest ill-will(Hanzai-keisu) alongside them are Enforcers, jaded Inspectors that have latent criminals, granted relative freedom in exchange for carrying out the Inspectors’ work.

Each wise remark from main characters

All the pictures and lines from this site.

Refer this site: http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2144370989038688801


source: https://www.amazon.co.jp/PSYCHO-PASS-サイコパス-VOL-1【Blu-ray】-関智一/dp/B009PF0920?ie=UTF8&SubscriptionId=AKIAJBYZR3GMZFSHEFNQ&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B009PF0920&linkCode=xm2&tag=naver1-22


Shinya Kogami

Shinya Kogami is main hero who works as enforcement officer on  anime PSYCHO-PASS 1st series

He was born in 2984 16th Augsust. Blood type is B. Hight is 180 cm.

His call sign is “hound3” . He seems hardheaded and stringent, bit he is ambitious man with his justice and common  sense. His trained tout body shows tenaciousness to undercover, and he was

feared by others.


kougami shinya

source: http://neoapo.com/characters/12477

“You judged what is the justice. You was able to give  priority to justice than your roll. If I had such boss, I would work as police not only  as  hunting dog.”

“True colors and  true identity of idol is not equal to generosity  as character.”

“To get away from being taken away, being opposite is best”

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Akane Tsunemori

Akane Tsunemori is main heroin of this anime. (both of 1st series and 2nd) She is inspector of Public Safety Bureau Unit 1.

She was born in 2092 1st April. Blood type is A, and hight is 163 cm.

Akane was born in prefecture Chiba of Japan. Her call sign was “shepherd 2 on 1st series. On 2nd series, her call sign shift to “shepherd 1”. She finished training school as top class.

On 1st series, she is fresh inspector who was just assigned to Safety Bureau. She is awkward at job, but  has innocent and her justice.

Akane is kind and self-possessed, and she do her best even she face to person who has sign of criminal intent, to persuade.

source: https://sumapo.com/image/27929.html

“Internet is just a tool like a knife for cooking or paper to record something…I think it is  such level tool. We can not judge it is good or bad. Just use, because they just exist, and we accept them as tool”

“Even if you are optimist, dreams never come true without choice. Social don’t choose person’s future, we human being choose our future. I believe like that.”

“What is worthy of being protected, it is decided by you. Not only obey, as holding your own  to accept law.”

Nobuchika Ginoza

He is inspector of Public Safety Bureau Unit1, and he shifted to enforcer on 2nd series. Nobuchika was born in 2084 21st November. Blood type is O and his hight is 183cm.

His call sign on 1st series is “shepherd 1” and he was a leader of Unit1.

He is Akane’s senior but grade at job is same with Akane. He and Shinya were friend of the former same period when Shinya was still enforcer. Shinya call him “Gino” as nick name, and Shusei Kagari call him “Gino-san” On 1st series, he wore glasses and looks like intelligent man with hard thinking, but sometime he become emotional over.



source: http://familysecuritymatters.com/tag/宜野座伸元/

“It is said that the fools learn from experience, wisdom learns from history…I hope you are not fool.”

“The fools must learn with experience like fool. It is the answer that you can understand situation”

“Hey girl, only denying that beyond your understanding, you will regret someday. Accept a phenomenon as a fact  in front of you. It is the nearest way to be adult.”

Syusei Kagari

Shusei is a guy belonging to Public Safety Bureau Unit1 as enforcer. He was born in 2090 3rd December.

Blood type is B and his height is 165cm.His call sign is “hound4”

He pretend as frivolous person, and he often say jokes.

Shusei’s trademark is orange hair with hairpins on left side. On his desk, there are many mobile game and figure doll. He prefer to cooking by his self.

スクリーンショット 2016-06-19 23.15.59

source: http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2137949522004986401/2137949743807198003

“Real life?Means why I was born?I have no chance that there are people who suffer”


Tomomi Masaoka

Tomomi is a eldest enforcer of Public Safety Bureau Unit 1. He was born in 2058 27th June.

Blood type is O, and his height is 175cm. His call sign is “hound1”

He has scar on his lip, little hopping dark brown hair. His left arm is automatic artificial arm, and he likes wearing trench coat. Tomomi is skilled officer with diligent and honest character.

スクリーンショット 2016-06-19 23.24.28

source: http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2137949522004986401/2137949743807197903

“There are no answer, just compromise”

“There are no deference between committing criminal side and us because we are face to same phenomenon called criminal”

Shogo Makishima

“When people faces fear, their soul are tested. What they are born to seek..what they were born to achieve, their natural will become clear.”

“I think that people have worth only when they act based on their own will.”

“Books are not only something that you just read words in, They are also tool to adjust your senses.

Sometimes I can not understand content of books. I think that what disturb reading when I can not understand. However, I can understand smoothly. I think that why I can too.It is kind of adjusting of mental. Like a tuning. Most important to tune is stimulation to our brain suddenly when we turn books and sensation of touching to paper.

“I love this game that called “life” from the bottom of my heart, so I want to continue as prayer forever!”

“You say interesting thing, I’m alone…?Does it only applied to me?No, no one only in this society.”

“I appreciate person who don’t fear loneliness, and you have loneliness as weapon.

Joushu Kasei

Director of the Bureau. She appeared on capture 6th of 1st season on the first time. She is elder woman whose hair is white blond, and wearing glasses. Sometimes she conducts camouflage of contents of report, to gives priority to keep reliability of Sibyl System.


source: http://サイコパスネタバレ.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2014-10-10

”It’s more important for system to be trusted as perfect thing than works perfectly”

Sakuya Togane

Sakuya is enforcer who is belonging to Public Safety Bureau Unit1on 2nd series. He was born in 2086 6th June. His blood type is AB and height is 180cm.

His call sign is “hound 3”

He is relative of “Togane Foundation” which has pharmaceutical company. He try not to use “dominator”(the gun that enforcer and inspector use for criminal)

Sakuya’s former job was therapist, and he think deeply with observing view point, and concerns steadily.


source; https://sumapo.com/image/30021.html

“You are not just part of something. Even if this society force you to do something, as far as you deny, you are one human being”

Jouji Saiga

Jouji is analysis officer belonging to Public Safety Bureau Unit1 on 2nd series.

He was born in 2063 11th March. His blood type is O and height is 178cm.

He has worked as professor of clinical psychology, and after resignation, he lives on the depth of mountain who introduced himself as a hermit.

Jouji hate hologram technic and processed food. He superior to observation, analysis with penetrating insight and highly skilled of profiling skill for crime.



“Charisma has 3 contents. Heroic mantic aspect or ability of space rendering apparatus that make someone comfortable. And intelligence which required when he/her tells anything with eloquence.”

Aoi Tsunemori

She is grand mother of Akane. She call Akane “Ah-chan” and back her up. Aoi lives in nursing and caring facility because she is lame.


source: http://soshagei.hatenablog.com/entry/2014/11/21/123000

“You know impotence and worth of life. Never lose them even if you face to difficulty”


If you missed this anime, I recommend you to check it. Target of this anime “PSHYCHO-PASS” is not only high teen age, also adult who works wondering “What is the justice?”

No one know that anime often show us nearly future or not, but it has surely realistic even though it based on SF situation.

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