Experience the quintessence of Omotenashi at Kagaya(加賀屋)!

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Hi there.
Have you ever heard something about Kagaya(加賀屋)?
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Kagaya is a Japanese-style hotel(Ryokan:旅館) in businness more than 100 years, and is regarded as the best Ryokan in Japan because it has ranked the number-one for 32 years.
It’s located at Kanazawa city, one of the hottest tourist destinations after the open of Hokuriku Shinkansen(bullet train), and a lot of notables and even the Emperor love it!
I’m gonna tell you how wonderful Kagaya is!

* Beauty of Kagaya’s interior design

Refer to the site: https://retrip.jp/articles/60207/

It’s refined, quaint, and you can feel old-Japanese flavor.
Once you go through the entrance, you must be surprised at a gorgeous panel made with Wajima-nuri(輪島塗), one of the famous traditional art in Japan, live music of Koto (Japanese traditional music instrument), and a stage which looks suspended in the air.
Making everything in the hotel gorgeous and beautiful, it may be the way Kagaya does Omotenashi for customers.
A lot of beautiful art is displayed in the hotel, and you also can enjoy seeing traditional arts of Ishikawa prefecture there.
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* Hot spring / Onsen(温泉)


Kagaya is also famous for a hotel in which customers can enjoy hot spring named Wakura(和倉), with 1200-year history.
At a common bath in the hotel, you can see an amazing view of Nanao gulf(七尾湾) and Noto island(能登島).
Of course, every room is cozy and filled with the taste of Japan!

* Foods


Kanazawa has various beautiful seasonal seafoods, and Kagaya of course serves them.
All of them are decorated on dishes beautifully. Turban shells, ear shells, cold-water shrimps, matsutake mushrooms, crabs, yellowtails, seasonal vegetables and so on. Everything must be delicious!
When you feel like to drink, the hotel has a bar and it serves original cocktails.
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How was it?
If you would like to feel the taste of Japan, why not stay in Kagaya!
For more information, visit Kagaya website.
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