The Kumamotodentetsu Co., Ltd dressed up the ex-Tokyo Metro 01 series in Kumamon

The Kumamotodentetsu Co., Ltd, the railroad company of Kumamoto city, announced that they lap the 01 series vehicle in the design of Kumamon, which is the official character of Kumamoto prefecture. The company already dressed up the 6000 series vehicle in Kumamon, this time they depicted the entirely new design of Kumamon in the 01 series vehicles.


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“The Kumamon lapped 01 series vehicles” started running between Kitakumamoto and Kamikumamoto stations on June 11, and on the same day, the fixed number event was held.


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In the event, the unveiling running of the train, the initial sale of the train’s items and the admittance of the Kitakumamoto vehicle factory etc. were conducted.

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