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Don’t Miss It! Beautiful Views in Japan You Could Only See in Winter BEST 5



Four seasons is the most attracting point of Japan. Same exact place has different faces throughout a year, especially in cold winter with crisp and clear air and snowing.

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1 Diamond Dust (Hokkaido)


Refer to this site: https://travel.mdpr.jp/travel/detail/1650234



We could verily see the Diamond Dust in Hokkaido in winter!!

Diamond Dust appears only under certain conditions in winter.


Diamond Dust is created by nature of Hokkaido’s cold winds and cold-water steams. It appears in Asahikawa and Tokachi more than other part of Hokkaido.



2 The Ice Coating on the Trees at Zao (Miyagi)


Refer to this site: https://travel.mdpr.jp/travel/detail/1650234



Zao mountain range is to extend over Yamagata and Miyagi. People call Zao mountain range as “Snow Monster” in winter.

Zao mountain range with snow looks like a white huge monster and it created by nature.


People light up the ice coating on the trees at Zao at night.

It shows different face than daytime.


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3 Icicle of Misotsuchi (Saitama)



Refer to this site: http://navi.city.chichibu.lg.jp/p_flower/1403/



Icicle of Misotsuchi is not that much famous yet. However, some people know it as winter tourist place. Icicle of Misotsuchi is huge when it compares to regular icicle you could find at the roof of house. It is very beautiful when it lighted up!



4 Jigokudani Hot Spring (Nagano)


Refer to this site: http://twinavi.jp/topics/lifestyle/547ae32f-6ef8-44d0-b83e-12925546ec81



Jigokudani Hot Spring is popular for not only Japanese but also people from all over the world.


The reason why it is popular is because there are some Japanese monkeys you could see when you enjoy hot spring. You could see monkey enjoying hot spring if you are lucky!



5 Otani Snow Walls (Toyama)


Refer to this site: https://travel.mdpr.jp/travel/detail/1650234


This spot is very famous for spring landscape but tourists from all over the world also know it as popular winter landscape.

This snow walls naturally appear when people clear away snow from the street around the terminal.

The vigor of this snow walls cannot compare with the picture!

This is exactly where you should go once in a lifetime.






There are the best 5 of great spots in winter I would like to recommend you to go but there are some more beautiful places that I haven’t mentioned because there are too many! Please find out unknown beautiful spots by yourself when you come and visit to Japan!


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