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Recommended Christmas Lights selections in Kansai Vol.2

 2016/11/28 Travel in Japan   84 Views

Thank you for waiting this Recommended Christmas Lights selections in Kansai vol.2 ! This time, I wanna introduce more exciting Christmas Lights events in Kansai area. Now, let me show you the rest of the recommended Christmas Lights in Kansai. Let’s check it out !

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Kisekinohoshinoshokubutsukan Christmas Flower Show  (Hyogo)

Refer to this site: http://www.kisekinohoshi.jp/exhibition/archives/7933

In the flower show space, you can enjoy White Christmas garden created by white shrub light tree, sparkling ornaments, 100 kinds of 20 thousand white flowers. The Dendritic illumination that changes color hour by hour, such as green, blue, and white, can be said as a highlight. It’s also recommended for couples.


【Kisekinohoshinoshokubutsukan Christmas Flower Show 2016】

(place) Yumebutai 4, Awaji city, Hyogo

(access) JR Osaka station → (JR/45 minutes) → JR Maiko station → (bus/20 minutes) → Awajiyumebutai

(event session) Nov 19, 2016~Jan 15, 2017

(lighting up time)10:00~18:00 (Dec 2~Dec 11,Dec 16~Dec 25:~21:00 ※admission:~20:30)

(URL) http://www.kisekinohoshi.jp/exhibition/archives/7933


Classic Christmas Tree in Red Brick Warehouse(Osaka)

Refer to this site: http://eonet.jp/travel/season/illumination/

This red brick warehouse was built in 1923, the Taisho Period. It is now being illuminated and the longest Christmas fir tree in Japan with a total length of 18 meters appears this year, too. It is beautifully lighted up wrapped in warm lights. A classic cars lining up in a row are also tasteful. Only the Christmas Lights, you can watch free of charge.


【Classic Christmas Tree in Red Brick Warehouse】

(place) Chikko Red Brick Warehouse entrance, Chikko, Minatoku, Osaka city, Osaka

(access) 5 minutes walk from subway Osakako station

(event session) now in session~Jan 31, 2017

(lighting up time)17:30~23:00

(URL) http://eonet.jp/travel/data/3055080_1386.html

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Nanba Hikaritabi (Osaka)

Refer to this site: http://illumi.walkerplus.com/detail/ar0727e17616/

This event is focused on Nankai Nanba station, and is decorated with various kinds of illumination on the facilities such as Nankai building, Takashimaya, Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka, Nanba City, Nanba Carnival Mall, and Nanba Parks.

Refer to this site:http://sangasaijiki.seesaa.net/

Since you can see it free of charge, it’s recommended for everybody, for couples, families, friends and even for one person !


【Nanba Hikaritabi】

(place) around Nankai Nanba station, Chuoku, Osaka city, Osaka

(access) 0 minute walk from Nankai Nanba station

(event session) Nov 11, 2016~Feb 19, 2017

(lighting up time)17:00~24:00

(URL) http://www.nankai.co.jp/hikaritabi.html


Nesta Resort Kobe 「Nesta Illumina」(Hyogo)

Refer to this site: https://asoview-news.com/article/10618/

Nesta Illumina makes the most of the magnificent nature of NESTA RESORT KOBE with the theme of the sea using LED, projection mapping, a huge water screen. You can experience the lights while walking. During 300 days, you can enjoy the illumination all day regardless of time or season.


【Nesta Resort Kobe 「Nesta Illumina」】

(place) 894-60, Taruho, Hosokawacho, Miki city, Hyogo

(access) Shinki bus terminal in front of JR Sannomiya station → (bus/40 minutes) → Nesta Resort Kobe

(event session) Nov10, 2016~Sep, 2017 (300 days)

(lighting up time)11:00~22:00 (admission:~21:00)

(URL) http://nesta.co.jp/


Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro (Kyoto)

Refer to this site:http://gathery.recruit-lifestyle.co.jp/article/1147796530479155001

Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro is recommended for you who love the Japanese taste ! The main lighting up will be held around Togetsukyo. It directs the natural landscape in the majestic and beautiful night, lighting up Togetsukyo, the skirts of mountain, and the waterside.

Refer to this site:http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/masato5827/21401591.html

A bamboo forest along the walking path from Nomiya Shrine to Okouchi Sanso Garden will be lighted up as well.

Refer to this site:http://kyotomoyou.jp/higashiyamahanatoro-20130310

The temples and shrines, historical buildings and streets which represent Kyoto will also be lighted up with LED light bulbs to create an unique atmosphere of Kyoto. Of course, all lighting up are free of charge except for the admission fee of the surrounding facilities. This is a must-see.

【Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro 2016】

(place) Saga, Arashiyama area, Kyoto city, Kyoto

(nearest station) JR Saga Arashiyama station, Hankyu, Randen Arashiyama station

(event session) Dec 9~Dec 18, 2016

(lighting up time)17:00~20:30

(URL) http://www.hanatouro.jp/arashiyama/


Illumination in Kashihara Cosmic of Adventure(Nara)

Refer to this site: http://www.nihon-kankou.or.jp/illumination/searchDetail.jsp?ken__=nara&shi__=29205&id__=IV2907

The colorful Christmas Lights that increase the sparkle will appear around Yamatoyagi station, Nara. Besides being illuminated with an illuminated pillar with a height of 20 m, a tree with a height of 10 m will be colored with about 10 thousand spheres of lights, and street trees and street lights are each decorated with illumination. It’s nice to watch them free of charge !


【Illumination in Kashihara Cosmic of Adventure】

(place) Kintetsu Yamatoyagi station south rotary, Naizencho, Kashihara city, Nara

(access) 0 minute walk from Kintetsu Yamatoyagi station

(event session) Dec 3, 2016~Jan 31, 2017

(lighting up time)17:00~24:00 (Jan 1~Jan 31,2017:17:30~)



Shirahama Illumination Event 「Shirasuna no Promenade」 (Wakayama)

Refer to this site: http://eonet.jp/travel/data/3033348_1386.html

Shirasuna no Promenade is the event that will be held on the beach over 300 m with the theme of universe. The winter sea will be directed romantically. Light objects such as constellations and angel’s gates give off a beautiful sparkle. Music also flows quietly around the illumination. It’s also free of charge. Enjoy the romantic world !


【Shirahama Illumination Event 「Shirasuna no Promenade」】

(place) Shirahama, Shirahamacho, Nishimurogun, Wakayama

(access) JR Shirahama station → (Meiko bus/14 minutes) → Shirahama

(event session) Dec1, 2016~Feb 28, 2017

(lighting up time)17:00~22:00 (Feb1, 2017~:17:30~)

(URL) http://www.nanki-shirahama.com/event/detail.php?log=1332729947



Refer to this site: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/teinengoseikatukyoto/e/49926d9f20e2c1c0abebab3182511fad

I introduced the Christmas Light spots in Kansai ,divided into two parts. Do you like them? It’s so nice to watch most of them free of charge. Take a look at the Christmas Lights of Kansai by all means !

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