What is ‘Wide FM’ which can be used by the latest CD-radio-cassette player by Panasonic?

The radio-cassette player in the old days is on sale.

Source: http://www.digimonostation.jp/0000063640/001a-5

This player is too nostalgic for middle ages! The innovated CD-radio-cassette player, ‘RX-D47’ is released, which can be compatible with ’Wide FM’.

It looks similar to the previous player that was fashioned in 1980’s. Although most of us thought this design was unfashionable at that time, it’s portable and handy because of the buttons on the surface of it. Changing the cassettes or CD is also easy. This product, ‘RX-D47’ by Panasonic, remind us of the golden ages of the radio-cassette player.

Of course, not only CD and radio, but also cassette tape can be listened with it. Its color is silver so that this newest product is certainly suitable for people in the middle ages.

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You possibly listen to AM broadcasting more clearly


The most feature of this is compatible with ‘Wide FM’.

Source: http://www.digimonostation.jp/?attachment_id=63642

Do you know what ‘Wide FM’ is? It means that AM broadcasting is aired with FM’s frequency. As a matter of fact, AM broadcast is prone to get radio interference in which there are noises, such as buildings and flats. However, FM broadcast is clearer than its counterpart even in urban area and during a catastrophe.

Anyway, this service has already started in Kitanihon Broadcasting and Nnkai Broadcasting since 1st December, 2015, then the 22 broadcasting stations is compatible until now. Basically the frequency of FM is assigned 76MHz~ 90MHz, but ‘Wide FM’ has another allocation, 90.1MHz~ 94.9MHz. Consequently you can use this service with ‘RX-D47’.


‘RX-D47’ which can be utilized for Karaoke with microphone

Source: http://www.digimonostation.jp/?attachment_id=63643

Apparently the majority of users in the middle ages usually use it for karaoke or other hobbies. There’s a phone plug so that recording sounds to a cassette tape from a CD and a microphone is possible with a microphone.


Let me add that its measurements are 408-148-271mm, and weight is approx 3.8kg. You can use it with 8 C-batteries or the power cord. ‘RX-D47’ will go on sale from 17th June, 2016, and its price is discretionary (14,364 yen on Amazon)

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