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  2. What you drink everyday is much more cocoa: which makes you relaxed and healthy!

What you drink everyday is much more cocoa: which makes you relaxed and healthy!

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‘Cinnamon Cocoa ~cappuccino style with marshmallows~’


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Do you have a drink which you take each day?

Although there’re a lot of drinks such as coffee, tea and green tea, the reason why cocoa is recommended for your health can be considered.

It is because cocoa has efficacy to losing weight and maintaining your health, with a glance, which doesn’t link to a diet causing of sweetness and higher calorie.

This ingredient has a plenty of dietary fiber, which is good for constipation, and protect you from a steep increase of the blood sugar. It also contains of much cacao polyphenol, enhancing metabolism to prevent aging, and minerals.

Generally, the bitterness of cocoa, theobromin, helps you relieve stress.

Cocoa tastes slightly bitter and sweet and makes you more comfortable. I’d like you to drink it everyday to expect the effects to health, getting slim and beauty.

At this time, it’ll introduce the recipe of ‘Cinnamon Cocoa ~cappuccino style with marshmallows~’ that is easy to cook with the microwave.

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You can make it easily with simple ingredients


Source: http://beauty.authors.jp/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/3bd5bdfa2192ff2a19b1c318de46afb1.jpg


  •  cocoa(non-sugar); two teaspoon
  •  instant coffee; a teaspoon
  •  milk; 150ml
  •  marshmallows; 4
  •  cinnamon powder; a bit

How to make

  1. adding cocoa, instant coffee and a tablespoon of hot water to a mug, and mixing them
  2. pouring milk to 1, and then heating these with a microwave (600W)
  3. putting marshmallows on it, and heating it for 30 sec again
  4. sprinkling cinnamon powder with cocoa

The key of nicely cocking it

  •  the sugar isn’t necessary because there’re marshmallows
  •  you choose to use cocoa powder without sugar
  •  you can adjust the quantity of cocoa and coffee as long as your preferable

Cinnamon has flexible usages because it enhances the circulation and metabolism


Source: http://beauty.authors.jp/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/03c74604458a4519a0f95397dc74fb1d.jpg

The surplus of cinnamon would be convenient to make drink and confectionery, making cinnamon sugar with mixing sugar. The proper rate of this is between 1g (half of a teaspoon) of cinnamon and 14g (a tablespoon) of sugar, and it goes well with apples, oranges and red wines.

Additionally, as for cinnamon sticks can be used until smell fades away. After using it, you wash it well with water, then dry it with a paper towel thoroughly. If its scent is lost, you can use it as powder.

Why don’t you give it a go for your health and beauty?

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