Japanese idol is still lively! up-and-coming idols

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Since the age of idol wars came, the idol boom has once calmed down.Though it seems to be weak, the momentum of Japanese idols isn’t still stopping. From August 5 to August 7, Tokyo Idol Festival 2016(the world’s largest idol festival)was held and as many as 70 thousand people gathered there. Today, we’d like to explain the Japanese idol details and introduce you about up-and-coming idols in Japan.

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I wonder why the Japanese idols have been so increasing. It is said that it’s because the break of AKB48. Owing to AKB48, it became general for ordinary boys to cheer for idols, and against the background of the overblown market, the local idols and the idols acting at underground have gradually increased.

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The local idols have now expanded from the prefectural level to the municipal level.

It is said that more than thousands of idol groups are present. And in total, it is presumed that about 10 thousand people are acting as an idol. We will be able to meet them somewhere if it’s so high probability.

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Up Up Girls kakko Kari

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The first idol group that we introduce is “Up Up Girls kakko kari”.It consists of 7 members and was organized in 2011. It is interesting that their age is just different by 1year. After they completed the training process of Hello!Project Egg, they have kept acting energetically as “Up Up Girls kakko Kari”.  Their performance is offensive and aggressive, so we feel perky.It was announced to perform a single concert at the Nippon Budokan on November 8, 2016. They aim even further.

【about Up Up Girls kakko Kari】

(Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Up_Up_Girls_(Kakko_Kari)

(official HP) http://www.upupgirlskakkokari.com/




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Idolrenaissance is the girl’s idol group consists of 8 members. The average age is 15.1. This group was organized in 2014. In June 11,2016, new members(Suzuka and Yumeka) joined the group. They belong to Sony Music Artists(SMA). It was for the first time in  40 years that SMA launched the idol group. Idolrenaissance covers the old and modern masterpieces(1952-2015). The number is about 60. It was announced to perform a single concert at the Zepp Divercity on November 6,2016. The Zepp Divercity accommodates 2500 people. They are acting hard with young power.

【about Idolrenaissance】

(Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idol_Renaissance

(official HP) http://idolrenaissance.com/




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Next idol is GEM. This group was organized in 2012, and consists of 10 members. They were born of AVEX Group and AVEX is pushing them most. It is said that they are the elite having talent. They have  high dance skill and high skill as a singer. It is not too much to say that GEM is a tremendously popular idol group in Japan. Many of them have belonged to dance schools or entertainment offices from a young age. Its ability is genuine, I think.

【about GEM】

(Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GEM_(band)

(official HP) http://girls-entertainment-mixture.jp/



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PASSPO☆is a CA(cabin attendant) girl’s rock unit that was organized in 2009. They set a theme on the air and a trip. The name of PASSPO☆was after “passport”.It is very interesting that they call their leader “captain”, subleader “chief parser”, their fan “passenger”, and their live”flight”. The live ticket is also called “boarding pass”. There are many tunes that put forward a girl’s rock. They have unique identities each other, and have been supported among women.

【about PASSPO☆】

(Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passpo

(official HP) http://passpo.jp/




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The last idol group that we introduce is “Fudanjuku”. This group is not men ! They are a women’s unit dressed as a man. Fudanjuku started activity in 2007. The member now consists of 6. The former group was organized in 2006, so their activity history is 10 years. They are popular with the women from teen to 20’s with no regard to age or sex. Each member has been working solo, their real ability of dance and songs surpasses others.

【about Fudanjuku】

(Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fudanjuku

(official HP) http://nfs724.com/




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The culure of idol is one of the Japanese popular cultures. There are arguments both for and against from overseas about this culture. But I’d like to transmit information about it to the world. We recommend you to experience the culture of Japanese Idols !

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