CHEESE CRAFT WORKS opened in Odaiba ! ~Let’s enjoy cheese dishes !~

On Jan 28,2017, the cheese specialty restaurant where is popular in Kansai, “ CHEESE CRAFT WORKS “ opened in Diver City Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba. It is the first store in Kanto area. This shop always has 20 kinds of cheese, and we can eat fresh cheese any time. Now, let me show you CHEESE CRAFT WORKS opened in Odaiba ! Let’s check it out !

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Fluffy cheese fondue of Angel (天使のふわふわチーズフォンデュ)

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The name of this creamy dish is “ Fluffy cheese fondue of angel “. We can taste two layers’ espuma cheese fondue that used some kinds of rich cheese ! It’s recommended to eat with raw ham grissini.


5 kinds of cheese and roasted seafood risotto with grilled sea urchin (5種チーズと炙りウニの石焼シーフードリゾット)

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This risotto is used plenty of raclette cheese, and finish it with full-bodied cheese and fragrance of grilled sea urchin.


Udon with Mimolette Cheese (ミモレットの釜玉うどん)

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It’s also interesting that there is a Japanese style menu. Though it is the surprising combination of cheese and udon, this menu is well-reputed by many people.


4 kinds of homemade fresh cheese (自家製フレッシュチーズの4種盛り)

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Appetizer menu is also a must-see. “ 4 kinds of homemade fresh cheese “ is a cheese platter with 3kinds of cheese made inside the restaurant and mozzarella cheese arriving from Hokkaido.

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Rare Cheesecake

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This cake seems to appear on “ Tom and Jerry “. It’s so appetizing !


Strawberry Dutch Pancake with Amaou (あまおう苺のダッチパンケーキ)

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The acidity of cheese and strawberry moderately harmonizes inside pancake.


Lunch Menu & Course

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About lunch menu, you can choose 1~4 main menu plus A~C plus drink. Furthermore, if you pay another 200 yen, it comes with dessert. It’s very reasonable, isn’t it ?

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There are some course menu from 2,300 yen to 3,480 yen (+ tax). It’s a plan to enjoy homemade fresh cheese, a plan to enjoy 3 cities vegetables and homemade cheese, a plan to enjoy popular menu, and so on.

【CHEESE CRAFT WORKS Diver City Tokyo Plaza】
(access) 5minutes walk from Yurikamome Line Daiba station south exit/5 minutes walk from Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport station



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As well as food menu, sweets menu are enriched here. On the valentine’s day, valentine plates will appear for a limited time. This restaurant is so irresistible for cheese lovers. You will be able to enjoy cheese menu also in Tokyo to your heart’s content.

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