Harajiri Fall(原尻の滝)― Niagara Falls of the East!


Hi guys.

I think most of you know Niagara Falls in USA and Canada.

But maybe few of you know Japan has a beautiful fall which is called as Niagara Falls of the East?


Today I’m gonna introduce the beauty of Harajiri Fall(原尻の滝) known as Niagara Falls of the East!

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* Location

Refer to the site: http://allabout.co.jp/gm/gc/65788/


It’s located in the mid-flow of Ogata river(緒方川) in Ohita prefecture, Kyushu.

Because of its beauty, the waterfall was chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful falls in Japan.


You will be surprised at the contrast between the powerful view of the waterfall and the tranquil scenery around it. It’s as if a dent suddenly appears in pieces of field, and water gets sucked into a hole.


Since the eruption of Aso mountain(阿蘇山), Ogata river had eroded lava plateau, which resulted in forming the waterfall.



* View

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Refer to the site: http://allabout.co.jp/gm/gc/65788/


The waterfall is unique, because you can take a closer look at it, in contrast to other famous waterfalls in Japan.

There is a walking path along with the fall, and a wide road ends near the point that the water drops.

The water drops by 20m, and on a sunny day the water looks deep blue.

Refer to the site: http://allabout.co.jp/gm/gc/65788/

You can look up at the waterfall from a river beach close to its basin as well.


The scale is smaller than the real Niagara Falls, but definitely the both views are impressive!


On a hot day, you can enjoy feeling negative ions from splashes as well, which makes you refresh!


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* Gourmet

There is a roadside station “Michi-no-eki Harajiri Fall” (道の駅 原尻の滝) with shops and a restaurant.

Here you can buy souvenirs and local agricultural products.

At the restaurant you can try ice cream made with Kabosu (a kind of citrus), a noted product in Ohita.

You can’t miss having Dango soup(だんご汁), a famous local cuisine at the restaurant.

 * Access


From Ohita station, just take JR Houhi/Aso-Kougen(豊肥/阿蘇高原) Line, and get off at Ogata station(緒方駅).

From Ogata station, taxi is convenient.

How was it?

If you have got interested, please visit the site for more information!


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