Japanese traditional streets showing history


Go back to the old Japan

In Japan , there remains a lot of traditional streets. These are the tourist spots representing old Japan well. Today, we’d like to introduce you some Japanese traditional streets all over Japan.

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Shirakawago is so famous that everyone in Japan knows it. This is the village registered as a World Heritage. The structure of the house is called “Gassho-zukuri”, which was named after praying hands. Some of the houses are still being used, and that is why Shirakawago is valuable.

Refer to this site: http://sokuup.net/?mode=permalink&no=10354

Shirakawago is lit up in every winter. The figures are like miniatures ,and so fantastic !


[address] Ogimachi, Shirakawamura, Oonogun, Gifu

[TEL] +81-05769-6-1311

[URL] http://shirakawa-go.org/en/



2.Kurashiki Bikan Chiku(倉敷美観地区)

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Kurashiki was the direct control place of Shogunate, and prospered in water transportation. At the riverside of Kurashiki river,in the center of the town, traditional merchant’s houses and white wall warehouses stand in a row.

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[address] Chuo, Kurashikishi, Okayama

[TEL] +81-086-421-0224

[URL] http://www.kurashiki-tabi.jp/for/en/


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3.Gion Shinbashi(祇園新橋)

Refer to this site: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/yamaibaaosainaikyo/42383648.html

Gion Shinbashi district is one of the representative scenery in Kyoto and Tatsumi bridge is often used for the location of dramas.

Refer to this site: http://watasinosukinakyoto.blogspot.jp/2015/11/blog-post.html

In Gion Shinbashi, Chaya street, traditional merchant’s houses which were built from the end of the Edo period to the early Meiji era stand in an orderly line.

Refer to this site: http://watasinosukinakyoto.blogspot.jp/2015/11/blog-post.html

It is very tasteful street in harmony with row of trees and the stone pavement.


[address] Motoyoshicho, Higashiyamaku, Kyoto city, Kyoto

[TEL] +81-075-213-1717

[URL] http://www.kyoto-magonote.jp/en/




4.Kanazawa Higashi Chaya district(金沢ひがし茶屋街)

Refer to this site: http://mukayu.com/kanazawa_higashityayagai.php

Just as Kyoto, there remains old streets in Kanazawa. Higashi Chaya district is the biggest of three Chaya streets where still remain.

Refer to this site: http://mukayu.com/kanazawa_higashityayagai.php

It’s designated as an important preservation district of historic buildings, and we can visit inside of a few houses.

Refer to this site: http://sakuravillage.jp/landscape/?id=532

When it’s getting dark, the sound of the shamisen, pipe and the drum are being heard.

So interesting !


[address] Higashiyama 1chome, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa

[TEL] +81-076-232-5555

[URL] http://tabimati.net.e.xh.hp.transer.com/midokoro/detail_kanko.php?p=2383&srch_midokoro_kanko_thema%5B%5D=histrical&srch_midokoro_kanko_thema%5B%5D=histrical




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Kitsuki city is one of the castle town located on the north east of Oita prefecture.

The castle town of Kitsuki is called “Sandwich type castle town” because the Samurai residences were placed in the north and south side of the town respectively, while the traditional merchant’s houses were placed in a valley.

Refer to this site: http://daiwahouse.co.jp/shinrin/kitsuki/area/index.html

The light up of Kitsuki castle at night is so beautiful. You can enjoy it especially during cherry blossom season and Fireworks event. Samurai residences and multiple slopes are also the highlights of Kitsuki .


[address] Ooaza Kitsuki , Kitsuki city,Oita

[TEL] +81-0978-63-0100

[URL] http://www.kit-suki.com/common/index.php?action=story&story_id=200




Refer to this site: http://okayama-kotsu.com/tag/townscape/

The streets made at the time when a transportation network had never developed are widely different by how to develop and the climate of the area. If you’d like to visit Japanese old town showing history, we recommend you to drop in at these streets.

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