PIKOTARO ~now taking the world by storm !~

Have you ever heard the word “ PIKOTARO “ or “ PPAP”?
(“ PPAP ” =Pen Pineapple Apple Pen )
Now, this “ PPAP ” seems to be taking the world by storm. Today, let me show you about PIKOTARO. Let’s check it out !

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What kind of music is “ PPAP “?

Refer to this site: https://prcm.jp/album/85ec97cfed63f/pic/62778185

“ PPAP” spread all over the world explosively since Justin Bieber, famous pop musician, introduced this video as his favorite music video. “ PPAP “completed the consecutive first place in 2 weeks with the formal Youtube channel and recorded approximately 60 million times of play counts. “ PPAP “ achieved the 77th place in the U.S. billboard on Oct.19, and it was a remarkable accomplishment in 26 years for Japanese to enter the Top100. But it doesn’t seem to become the topic in USA at all….


Why is PIKOTARO so popular ?

Refer to this site: http://blogos.com/article/192953/

I wonder why he is so popular with people around the world. One of the reasons is that this song is so simple because only a few words come out and has a strong impact.

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Refer to this site: http://kaigai-matome.net/archives/35571405.html

I found the detail about PIKOTARO on the channel.

That is …

・ He graduated from a technical high school.
・ He has been singing while working a part-time job.
・ A singer-song writer from Chiba
・ Newly-married. ( He married about 2 years ago.) His wife is now 78 years old !!
・ They met in front of the restroom in a hospital. The wife’s marriage career is 4 times.(third divorced.)
・ Now he is busy with his part-time job. His job is selling beetles…(why beetle?).

He is so funny person that makes us chukle.


Who is PIKOTARO’s true character ?

Refer to this site: http://blogos.com/article/192953/

so long chin …
PIKOTARO seems to be Kosaka Daimao and that is a known fact. Kosaka Daimao says he is the producer of PIKOTARO.


About Kosaka Daimao

Refer to this site: http://profile.ameba.jp/k-daimaou/

Kosaka Daimao is a minor showman in Japan. Few people knows him. He made a debut in 1991 as a member of “ Sokonuke Air-line “. His fans are pleased with his re-break.



Refer to this site: http://jiyuubito21102.com/archives/3856

“ PPAP “ is gaining popularity with a focus on Japanese high school girls and seems to be quite well even overseas. I cannot forget this “ piko piko “ sound listening just once. Maybe this strange man is genius.

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