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  2. The must for railway enthusiasts! ―you can step back in time in Yokohama Tramport Museum, where presents the diorama of 1950’s Yokohama Station―

The must for railway enthusiasts! ―you can step back in time in Yokohama Tramport Museum, where presents the diorama of 1950’s Yokohama Station―


Source: http://www.sankei.com/premium/photos/160709/prm1607090007-p1.html

Yokohama tram which used to be as transportation for people in Yokohama has already been demolished for around 45 years. Then it is still preserved in the museum named ‘Yokohama Tramport Museum’, which is a peculiar exhibition all over the country because this shows trams exclusively. There are a lot of attendees who used these as a commute before.

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The exhibition of the freight trams is unusual


prm1607090007-p3Source: http://www.sankei.com/premium/photos/160709/prm1607090007-p3.html

“I got on this tram when I was a student in high school. I feel nostalgia for that time.”

The man who sat on the sofa there, Mr. Ryosaku Emoto, said nostalgically. This museum is popular for families, and the number of the senior who look back on old days is, nowadays, increasing dramatically.

This museum has been opened in 1973 after in old vehicle factory, now there’re 7 trams to exhibit there.

The oldest tram is 500 series produced in 1928, which has blue body like a harbor city. This tram also has wooden floor creaking when walking on. And there is a roundish hand-carving handle that is like a craftwork in the edge of the sofa.

Assuming that stumbling the button in the floor of the driver’s seat, you could experience the sense of the old days by it sounds through tinkling sounds.

As for unique tram, there is the freight tram which is produced over 70 years ago. This is used for mainly carrying beer bottles, since the Kirin’s Factory stands near there. Additionally, the tram which colored light brown and cream, called ‘Coffee Brown’, is exhibited, which is a fancy tram because it ran for only few years.


The diorama has much public eye


Source: http://www.sankei.com/premium/photos/160709/prm1607090007-p4.html

In this museum, the uneven platform is designed due to the reproduction of the then atmosphere in the station at that time. The scene of arranging 7 trams in the plat form is the highlight.

Another highlight is the large clock that had been set on the former Yokohama Station from 1928 to 1979. Apparently it was a ‘Station’s symbol’ for people in Yokohama, whereas the location which preserve this object was not found for a long time. It seems like ‘a witness of history in Yokohama’, and it has been preserved in this museum where is renovated in 2013 since the same time. The clock 1.6 meter in diameter is working until now.


Source: http://www.sankei.com/premium/photos/160709/prm1607090007-p5.html

The diorama reproducing how Yokohama’s tram ran is also getting popularity and makes Yokohama Station in 1950s revived. So attendees understand how Yokohama has developed with exhibitions of Yokohama Landmark Tower and the Ferris wheel.

The Transportation Bureau, City of Yokohama which manages the museum currently has built the multi-purpose hall and plans to exhibit pictures trams ran in Yokohama in the past. A director, Mr. Hideaki Ishii, said “The history of trams is the history of Yokohama. I want a lot of people to feel the then atmosphere that trams ran.”



  • Address: 3-1-53, Takigashira, Isogo-Ku, Yokohama
  • Tel: 0457548505
  • Opening hour: 9.30am – 5.00pm
  • Closed: Monday
  • Ticket: adult 100 yen, child 50 yen, senior(65+) free

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