The temple with the perfect seasonal beauty in Kyoto ― Enkoji Temple(圓光寺)!



Have you ever heard things about Enkoji Temple(圓光寺)?

The temple is renowned for having different beauty in different seasons.

Especially, in autumn, the temple gives you the most beautiful view with autumn coloured leaves!


Reading this, and let’s plan to visit Enkoji Temple!

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(1) What’s Enkoji Temple(圓光寺)?



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The temple is located in Sakyou destrict in Kyoto, which was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu(徳川家康), the first Shogun in Edo era(江戸時代).

He invited Kanshitu Genkitu(閑部元佶), the ninth head of Ashikaga school in Tochigi prefecture, and established a school at the Castletown of Fushimi(伏見).

It was transferred to the present place in 1667.



(2) Well-reputed garden for its beauty



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The Japanese garden of Enkoji Temple is very popular among both tourists and local people for its seasonal beauty in each season.

Spring is the season of cherry blossoms, which spread all parts of the garden.

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Of course the garden has the most beautiful views with red-coloured leaves in autumn.

Therefore, the amazing scenery makes people visit there every season.

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(3) Honryutei garden(奔流庭), the most popular spot of autumn leaves in Enkouji Temple


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The temple has an old Japanese garden named Honryutei garden(奔流庭), which is regarded as a fine spot for autumn leaves.

Trees with red-coloured leaves contrast with pebbled garden with poles, which symbolized cloud sea and dragons.


(4) Find a cute Ksitigarbha!



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There are several Ksitigarbha in the temple.

Some have smiley faces, or take a nap.

Not many Ksitigarbhas in Japan have such faces.

Let’s find your favorite one at Enjoji Temple!



(5) The popularity of Zazen-do(座禅堂)


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Enkoji Temple has a Zen training hall, in which many nuns has had ascetic practices since early times.

It is said that the place was where people in a training had communal life.

Interestingly, you can experience how Zen training is done there (prior booking essential).


(6) A grave of the first Shogun of Edo era.



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The temple has the grave of Tokugawa Ieyasu(徳川家康), the first Shogun of Edo Bakufu(江戸幕府).

It also has valuable cultural properties, such as, a Buddha statue and ink blush paintings, all of which are related to Ieyasu.

If you like Japanese history, let’s have a look!




How was it?

Let’s enjoy autumn leaves and feel Japanese history in Enkoji Temple!


For more information on Enkoji Temple, visit the site.

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