Wanna have more beautiful skins? Try Japanese hot springs which give you beauty!

Hi there.

Do you know there are many hot springs which are well-known to improve your skin conditions?

For those of you who have already known on it but don’t have any idea which to choose, I have good news.

Rakuten Travel, popular travel booking website in Japan, released a review ranking written on its website!

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① Yunishikawa Onsen (湯西川温泉:Tochigi prefecture)

② Shiman Onsen (四万温泉:Gunma prefecture)

③ Dake Onsen (岳温泉:Fukushima prefecture)

④ Hida-Takayama Onsen (飛騨高山温泉:Gifu prefecture)

⑤ Dogo Onsen(道後温泉:Ehime prefecture)

⑥ Yamashiro Onsen (山代温泉:Ishikawa prefecture)

⑦ Hakone-Yumoto Onsen (箱根湯本温泉:Kanagawa prefecture)

⑧ Zao Onsen (蔵王温泉:Yamagata prefecture)

⑨ Hirugami Onsen (昼神温泉:Nagano prefecture)

⑩ Isawa Onsen (石和温泉:Yamanashi prefecture)

* Serveyed period: 2015.06.01 – 2016.05.31

* Serveyed objects: Customers’ reviews disaggregated by each hot spring

The hot spring with the highest rating is Yunishikawa Onsen in Tochigi prefecture. Legend has it that a noble samurai family who drifted into the country in 12C loved the hot spring. The water helps to exfoliate your skins and make them smooth. “The texture of the water is very smooth,” “Absolutely it’s the hot spring for beauty,” “the ideal destination for a mother and a daughter,” “My skin was smooth after enjoying the hot spring”, and so on. Thus, most customers write positive reviews.


Yonman Onsen ranks the second. A long time ago the hot spring became famous for remedying 40,000(pronounced 40,000 in Japanese) diseases, and now, it’s known for positive effects on guts when you drink, and on skins when you immerse yourself in it. Customers say that they can care for whole your body, both inside and outside, by drinking and taking a bath, which makes them realize the power of the hot spring. They say the taste is also soft and easy to drink,and they feel their guts work better. In addition, good skin conditions by the hot spring last 2-3 days.


Gaku Onsen, located on a highland in Fukushima prefecture, ranks as the number-three. Water of the hot spring comes from a mountainous area in the region, and it has a great impact on your skins. Many customers give high rates to the hot spring, and some of them say, “the texture of the water is very mild and slimy a little bit. It surely has a favorable effect on my skin!”

How is it?

Just try hot springs, and be more beauty!
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