An amazingly-updated function of Google Earth: it offers the picture how a city has changed in 32 years!



Do you love to use Google Earth?

It is a tool that offers great amount of information about the places you haven’t been to.

Sometimes you may feel you are traveling all around the world, using this amazing tool.

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Then, do you know that Google recently has updated a part of Google Earth’s function, “Timelaps”?

The function was released in 2013, which function visualize how a city has changed, by arranging pictures taken in a city chronologically.

This time, more than five millions of pictures have been added to “Timelaps,” and now you can see how a place has changed in 32 years, from 1984 to 2016, on Google Earth.



Refer to the site:



Amazingly, you can enjoy this newly-updated function on desktop-version Google Earth.

For those of you who don’t like to download an unnecessary application on your PC, don’t worry!

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You can have a look at Timelapse movies added this time on Youtube.

The movie below is the timelaps of Chuquicamata Mine in Chile.

It gives us a clear picture how the mine has changed in 32 years.





Google puts other new timelapse movies on a channel named “Earth Outreach.”


Refer to the site:

Surprisingly, there are 193 newly-produced timelapse movies on the channel!

Have a quick look at the great quality of movies on Youtube!



How was it?
Let’s to be a time-traveler by using “Timelapse”!




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