Best restaurant in Osaka (single dinner also welcome)

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The fascination of Osaka gourmet

It is famous that Osaka gourmet is so nice. When you visit Osaka, we recommend you to enjoy local cuisine in Osaka. Today, we’d like to introduce you some popular restaurants in Umeda, Osaka.

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  1. Honmiyake Umeda Sanbangaiten(本みやけ梅田三番街店)

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If you’d like to pig out meat with nice sauce and rice, this restaurant is recommended.

It’s also pleasurable that price is reasonable, and large serving of rice is free.

They have only counter seat, so it’s easy to eat alone.


[address] Hankyu Sanbangaiminamikan B2F, 1-1-3 Shibata,Kitaku, Osaka city, Osaka

[access] 1minute walk from Osaka city subway Mido-suji line Umeda station

[open time] 11:00~21:30

[regular holiday] every 3rd Wednesday (irregular holiday)





2.Umeda Hagakure Honten(梅田はがくれ本店)

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This is a very popular udon restaurant in Kitashinchi, Osaka. There is always a long line at lunch time. It is usual that the master tell us how to eat their udon in exquisite talk. Reasonable and good taste !


[address] Osaka ekimae the 3rd building B2F, 1-1-3 Umeda, Kitaku, Osaka city, Osaka

[access] 4minutes walk from Osaka city subway Tanimachi line Hgashi Umeda station

[open time] (weekday)11:00~14:45  17:00~19:45 (Saturday/National holidays) 11:00~14:30

[regular holidays] every Sunday





3.Yasai wo taberu curry camp(野菜を食べるカレーcamp)


We’d like to recommend you this restaurant “Yasai wo taberu curry camp” for the person lack of vegetables. These curry provides you enough vegetables(350g) in a day.

The interior sense is also good.  It’s a very popular restaurant !


[address] Eki Marche Osaka 1F, 3-1-1, Umeda, Kitaku, Osaka city, Osaka

[access] 1minute from Hanshin Honsen Umeda station

[open time] 10:00~22:30 L.O.22:00 (all day)

[regular holidays] irregular holidays (same as Eki Marche)



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4.Okonomiyaki Kiji Honten (お好み焼き きじ 本店)

お好み焼き きじ 本店
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Okonomiyaki Kiji is a very popular Okonomiyaki restaurant in Umeda. The appearance is like a secret hideaway. This is Osaka ! The adjustment of the taste is superb. It’s nice that he staff is friendly.

[address] B2F, Hankyu Sanbangai Kitakan, 1-1-3, Shibata, Kitaku, Osaka city, Osaka

[access] 2minutes from Osaka city subway Mido-suji line Umeda station

[open time] 11:30~21:30 (weekday & Saturday)

[regular holidays] every Sunday





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Hanadako is a very popular takoyaki restaurant in Umeda. It looks like stand-up meal.

But the taste is so fantastic ! So much green onions and so much mayonnaise sauce are on the takoyakis, and takoyakis are hidden under them.


[address] Osaka Shin-Umeda shokudogai 1F, 9-16 Kakutacho, Kitaku, Osaka city, Osaka

[access] 2minutes walk from Osaka city subway Mido-suji line Umeda station

[open time] 10:00~23:00

[regular holiday] open all year round




6.Kushikatsu Matsuba So-honten(串カツ松葉総本店)

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This kushikatsu restaurant is stand-up style, and always full of kushikatsu lovers and drinkers. The recommendable fried spring chicken is superb ! When you visit Osaka, try to eat kushikatsu once.

[address] Shin-Umeda shokudogai 1F, 9-25 Kakutacho, Kitaku , Osaka city, Osaka

[access] 1minute from Osaka city subway Mido-suji line Umeda station

[open time] (weekday) 14:00~22:00  (Saturday) 12::00~22:00  (Sunday)11:30~21:30  (National holidays) 12:00~21:30





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Osaka is the battlefield of gourmet, and is also called “the kitchen of the country”.

It’s worth trying Osaka gourmet once. Not only sightseeing, never fail to enjoy Osaka gourmet !

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