Japanese winter foods~what we like to eat in winter~


We have four seasons in Japan, and there are seasonal foods for every season. When it comes to winter foods, we want to have ones which warm our bodies. Today, let me show you Japanese foods what we like to eat in winter. Let’s check it out !

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Yakiimo (Baked sweet potato)

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From autumn to winter, it’s the best season for the baked sweet potato. When the hot baked sweet potato car passes through, there comes a good smell of it. Yakiimo is abundant in a dietary fiber and vitamin C, so it’s effective in bowel movement and the beauty.



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Oden is one of the standard winter foods in Japan. We can get it also in the  convenience stores. It makes our body warm and is so delicious with its soup stock. I  like the rice cake purse and radish. Which ingredients would you like?



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Tonjiru is widely popular with the children to the elderly among the soup dishes in Japan. The nutritious balance and tastes are good. Tonjiru makes our cold bodies in winter heat up.


Mikan (tangerine)

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Speaking of winter seasonal tradition in Japan, we cannot leave tangerine out of it. To eat tangerines entering the kotatsu is a Japanese standard style.

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Zenzai, so to speak, a winter afternoon refreshment, is a food warms the mind and  body. The nourishments such as vitamins, iron, polyphenol are abundant and it is also good for beauty. It’s irresistible for the person who has a sweet tooth.



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Chanchanyaki is one of the local specialties in Hokkaido. This dish is made by grilling salmons and vegetables with an iron plate. It is on behalf of Hokkaido along with Ishikarinabe and Jingisukan.



Refer to this site:https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%81%82%E3%82%93%E3%81%93%E3%81%86%E9%8D%8B

Ankou (monkfish) is the best season in winter. It is very refined taste and full of collagen. Yamaguchi is the best production center of Ankou. I recommend you this hot pot because it’s rare.



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Steamed meat bun is a very classic winter food in Japan. It’s the best to eat a hot steamed meat bun with numb hands from the cold. We can get it in the convenience store easily.


Kani (crab)

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Crab is the king of winter taste. If you want to eat crabs fully, there is a crab buffet or a crab fair. It’s recommended to enjoy a luxurious feeling of eating enough crabs.



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Shabushabu is representative Japanese hot pot dishes like sukiyaki. We can eat it at home, and also at the meat restaurants. We dip thin slices of beef or pork, vegetables, tofu in a simmering bloth and put the food stuffs through them for about 10 seconds. It’s indispensable in a cold season !



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Motsunabe and Mizutaki are the classic hot pot dishes of winter in Fukuoka. Because the Motsunabe is plenty of collagen and stamina, it’s highly nutritious and healthy. It’s also nice to be low-calorie.


Omochi (rice cake)

toasted rice cake
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When it comes to Omochi, we often eat in winter. In New Year’s Day, we use it in ozouni soup or the mochitsuki ceremony. There are various ways to eat omochi, toasting or microwaving or boiling. We recommend you to put the soy sauce, kinako and sugar, red bean paste on rice cake. Maybe you’ll get addicted !



Refer to this site:https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%A9%E3%83%BC%E3%83%A1%E3%83%B3

Ramen now becomes the Japanese culture. When you come to Japan, you can enjoy ramen in various regions. It’s fantastic to eat ramen on a cold winter !



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We can buy these foodstuffs in every season, but we want to eat seasonal foods in seasonal time. It’s far more delicious in seasonal time than in other seasons. If you come to Japan, try to eat them that I introduced here.

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