Capybara Hot Spring~Let’s go see adorable capybaras !~

Capybara is an animal that lives around the warm waterside. Being from South America, they are weak against the cold. In cold winter Japan, capybara loves to bathe in an open-air bath. Now, let me show you some spots where you can see adorable capybaras taking a hot spring bath. Let’s check it out !

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Why does capybara bathe in a hot spring ?

Why capybara loves bathing in a hot spring
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In Japan, we know that capybara likes to take a hot spring bath, but why do they bathe in a hot spring water ? The reason is that a zoo keeper who was cleaning up found some capybaras gathered in a small hot water pool and looked feeling good to put their limbs and hips into the pool. Then, he poured the hot water into a pond and made a hot bath for them, and capybaras was willing to take a bath. Since then, the open-air bath has become essential for them.


The spots where we can see capybara is taking a hot spring bath

Izu Shaboten Animal Park

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1,500kinds of cactus and succulents all over the world are grown in this park. Animals such as chimpanzees, squirrel monkeys, wallabies, pelicans, peacocks are also raised here besides capybara.

It is said to have been Izu Shaboten Park that the capybara hot spring began for the first time. This year, it is held from Nov.19, 2016 to Apr.9, 2017. Capybaras take a hot spring bath once in a day on weekdays, twice in a day on Saturday, Sunday and National holidays.

【Izu Shaboten Animal Park】
(address) 1317-13, Futo, Ito city, Shizuoka
(access) JR Izu Kogen station → (Izu Kogen bus/20minutes) → Shaboten Park → 8minutes walk


Saitama Children Zoo (埼玉こども動物自然公園)

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A water heater that creates hot water with solar heat was installed in this zoo and it became “ Eco Capybara Hot Spring “ that is ecological to the earth. You can also experience a footbath while observing capybara up close. Capybara Hot Spring is held from Nov.19, 2016 to Mar.31, 2017.

【Saitama Children Zoo (埼玉こども動物自然公園) 】
(address) 554, Iwadono, Higashi Matsuyama city, Saitama
(access) Tobu Tojo Honsen Takasaka station → (bus/5minutes) → Kodomo Doubutsu Shizenkouen → 11minutes walk


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Nagasaki Bio Park

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“ Capybara’s open-air bath “ and “ Capi-stove “, which became a winter tradition, also started this year. It is held from Nov.26, 2016 to Feb.28, 2017. In the winter solstice, “ Zabon-yu “ which floated some citrus grandis produced in Nagasaki was held.

【Nagasaki Bio Park】
(address) 2291-1, Nakayamago, Seihicho, Saikai city, Nagasaki
(access) Nagasaki Airport → (bus/55minutes) → Huis Ten bosch → (free shuttle bus/45minutes) → Bio Park



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Capybara in Japan is sensitive to cold. Different from your country, you might be able to see unique capybaras that looks feeling good in a hot spring in Japan. Don’t you feel like going to see such healing capybaras in a hot spring ?

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