Nasu(那須)― One of the most beautiful spots for leaf peeping in Kanto area!



Now autumn has come and trees are being ablaze with fall colours, which means, the season of leaf peeping has begun!

Are you interested in leaf peeping?

If so, why not visit Nasu kogen in Tochigi prefecture?


For a long time, Nasu is known as a beautiful spot of leaf peeping.

Especially, Chiausudake(茶臼岳) is the most popular destination among leaf peeping spots in Nasu.

From the mid-September to late October, the mountain shows outstanding landscapes of autumn colour.

Today, among several climbing routes in Nasu kogen, I’m gonna introduce the best and easiest route which enables you to enjoy spectacular views of Chausudake, by using a ropeway!

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* Just take a ropeway and go up to the ninth station



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There are five prominent mountains in Nasu, called Nasu-repou-gotake(那須連峰五岳): Chausudake(茶臼岳), Asahidake(朝日岳), Kurooyadake(黒尾谷岳), Minaigassan(南月山), and Sanbon-yaridake(三本槍岳).

Among them, Chausudake is chosen as one of the one hundred of the most beautiful views in Tochigi prefecture.

More than 400,000 people climb mountains in Nasu kogen, and the ropeway route is the most popular route, especially for families.

It takes about only four minutes to get to the Sancho station (山頂駅) of the ropeway.

If you would try to reach there on foot, it would take more than one and half hours, because you had to start walking from Touge-no-Chaya(峠の茶屋) and go round Mine-no-chaya(>峰の茶屋) for reaching Chausudake (See the map below).

You know why the route is popular.


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Enjoy autumn colour of leaves at Gyu-ga-kubi and Uba-ga-daira(姥が平)!



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When you arrive at the Sancho station of the ropeway, it’s time to start leaf peeping!

Here I choose a one-hour route from the station to Uba-ga-daira, the final destination.

First, let’s go to Gyu-ga-kubi, a good spot for leaf peeping!

There are several spots with big rocks on the way to Gyu-ga-kubi, but otherwise it is easy to walk.

It takes 30-40 minutes approximately to get there.

You’ll see Chausudake emitting volcanic smoke on your right, and Minamigassan on your left, and you will have bird’s-eye views of Uba-ga-daira and Hyotan lake.

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*Amazing views from Hinode-daira(日の出平)!



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Hinode-daira(日の出平), located between Sancho station and Gyu-ga-kubi, is also a good spot to see autumn leaves.

You’ll see the leaves stretch out over the mountains


In addition, autumn leaves contrast with green ones very well.

Moveover, you can see cloud sea if you are lucky.


Thus, don’t miss having a brief stop at Hinode-daira!

* Enjoy the perfect beauty of autumn colour at Hyotan lake(ひょうたん池) in Uba-ga-daira(姥が平)!



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It takes about 30 minutes to reach Uba-ga-daira(姥が平) from Gyu-ga-kubi, along with a gradual descent.

Hyotan lake(ひょうたん池), one of the best photo spots of autumn colour of leaves, is 100m away from Uba-ga-daira.

Here, you cannot miss seeing a graceful view of Chausudake, reflected in the lake.


Because the spot is known as a photo spot among many people, it might be very crowded.

Therefore, please obey rules when you are there, not stepping into prohibited areas, waiting your turn when crowded, and for protecting aerial plants around there.

* Things you have to keep attention


Though the route I introduced above is relatively an easy route to hike, you have to wear shoes suitable for hiking. There are some rocky areas easy to slip in the route, thus sneakers are not good to walk there.

Of course, you must choose suitable clothes for mountain climbing, such as, long sleeve shirts, jackets, stretch pants, and gloves.

Rain gear and a stick for climbing helps you in case.

Don’t forget to write your name as today’s climbers on the list at Sancho station of the ropeway!

How was it?

Be fully prepare and enjoy Japanese leaf peeping!


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