Japanese breads popular among people overseas~and we love, too~

Do you like pastry or sand buns? Though there are so many breads in the world, the enrichment of Japanese breads’ variety seems to be a surprising point for the people overseas. Now, let me show you Japanese breads popular overseas, which we Japanese love, too. Let‘s check it out !

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Arrival of Bread

Refer to this site: http://golden-zipangu.jp/japan-currybread/

It was in 1543 that the Western breads arrived in Japan by the Portugal missionaries, when the guns arrived. Unfortunately, breads didn’t spread for a while by the National Isolation Edict, but in the Meiji Era, they spread explosively to the public since the Japanese long-established bakery, Kimuraya had invented “ Anpan “.


Custard Cream Bun

Refer to this site: https://health-bt.com/0123pan/

Various kinds of pastry and sand buns have been improved in Japan. Japan is a birthplace of custard cream buns. According to the history of “ Shinjuku Nakamuraya “, who is the founder of custard cream buns, it was invented from the background that the founder surprised at the deliciousness of cream puff and the inspiration to make breads using the cream.

Refer to this site: http://blog.livedoor.jp/nefa/archives/50499865.html


【Shinjuku Nakamuraya】
(address) 26-13, Shinjuku 3chome, Shinjukuku, Tokyo
(price) 250yen
(URL) https://www.nakamuraya.co.jp/pavilion/products/pro_005.html

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Refer to this site: http://blog-imgs-49.fc2.com/k/o/n/konamondou/1224141937779.jpg

Yakisobapan is said to have been born in Arakawa, Tokyo in the 1950s. When the shopkeeper of Nozawaya (now closed) was selling hot dog buns and yakisoba separately, he was told by customers to put yakisoba between hot dog buns because it’s bothersome. It seems to be the trigger.



Refer to this site: http://taspy.jp/11795

Melonpan is also known as a bread originated in Japan. There are various theories about the origin of the name of melonpan, but one of the most dominant theory is it’s because it looks like a mask melon. Sweet biscuit dough is loved by many people.

Refer to this site: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/sakoishuji3/37883268.html

There is a melonpan like this. This melonpan is made by the bakery shop“ Melonpan “ in Kure city, Hiroshima and is a specialty products of Kure.

(address) 7-14-1, Hondori, Kure city, Hiroshima
(URL) http://kuremelon.com/shopinfo



Refer to this site: http://hitosara.com/0005027571/photo/0005027571F4.html

Currypan is very popular with people overseas. Some amount of Japanese curry is wrapped in a piece of dough, and is deep-fried.

Refer to this site: http://slow-lifestyle.at.webry.info/201005/article_1.html

It is the most dominant that Western bread registered as utility model by Toyoji Nakata, the shopkeeper of cattleya, in 1927 is said to be the originator of currypan.


(address) 1-6-10, Morishita, Koutouku, Tokyo
(price) 180yen
(URL) http://www.morisita.net/catlea/



Refer to this site: http://susonocity.com/mishima-gruppe

The birthplace of croquettepan is Ginza. There is a long-established croquette store “ Choshiya “ in Ginza which invented croquettepan first.

Refer to this site: https://ippin.gnavi.co.jp/article-1757/

Croquettepan of Choshiya

Because croquettepan is filling, inexpensive and gives us the feeling of fullness, it’s loved by many people regardless of age or sex.

(address) 11-6, Ginza 3 Chome, Chuoku, Tokyo
(price) 300yen
(URL) https://retty.me/area/PRE13/ARE2/SUB201/100000004261/


Chocolate Bread (Corne)

Refer to this site: http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/hetarekyoto/diary/?PageId=1&ctgy=7

Chocolate bread (Corne) , the form of a horn, is also one of the breads originating in Japan. Corne is filled with plenty of chocolate cream inside.

Refer to this site: http://konigs-krone.co.jp/?page_id=75

It is said that Koenigs Krone in Kobe originated the chocolate bread (Corne).

【Koenigs Krone】
(address) 4-12-19, Mikageishicho, Higashinadaku, Kobe city, Hyogo
(URL) http://konigs-krone.co.jp/?page_id=75


Pork Cutlet Sandwich (Katsusand)

Refer to this site: http://shibumi.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2008-05-21

Pork Cutlet Sandwich (Katsusand) was invented by Isen, the pork cutlet specialty shop in 1930. It was devised so that it will not get dirty the mouths of Japanese geisha.

(address) 3-40-3, Yushima, Bunkyoku, Tokyo
(price) 483yen~
(URL) http://isen-honten.jp/


Anpan (Red Bean Paste Bun)

Refer to this site: http://www.pompadour.co.jp/eshop/35048franceanpan/

Anpan was invented by Eizaburo Kimura, the second son of Yasubei Kimura, the founder of Kimuraya Souhonten, and was released in 1874. This is the reason why breads spread also to the common people in Japan.

Refer to this site: http://wagashi-blog.iida-itouya.co.jp/archives/1241

【Kimuraya Souhonten】
(address) 4-5-7, Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo
(price) 918yen (5 pieces)
(URL) https://www.kimuraya-sohonten.co.jp/


Refer to this site: http://tabenomich.com/archives/cat_398538.html

You can purchase these Anpanman breads at Anpanman Museum in Yokohama.



Refer to this site: http://golden-zipangu.jp/japan-currybread/

There are few things among bakery breads overseas that are baked filling something inside the bread or put various ingredients between bread like Japanese breads. Japanese bread is unique on that point. You can buy these breads which I introduced here any bakery shop in Japan ! It’s so recommended !

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